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Maximising your efficiency

Maximising your efficiency

A key factor of success in the real estate industry is time management. Without proper time management your day can spiral out of control and result in being unproductive. Having a plan to accomplish goals throughout the day but also preparing to adapt to new opportunities will help you maximise your efficiency.

Bellow are three tips that may help in this area:

1. Set Goals
Defining your goals can help you to achieve those goals, whether they are in the short or long term.  Set goals for a day, week, month or even year and systematically go back to those goals and review whether you have achieved them or what you can do better to achieve them.

2. Prioritise
It may seem like such a small thing, but writing ‘to do’ lists every day can be very effective.  Try to make two lists; one for urgent and important tasks to be completed that day and a second list for tasks that can wait.  Setting out clear lists may increase efficiency and help to reduce stress as you check items off the list. 

3. Schedule time for interruptions
Interruptions such as emergencies, unpredictable traffic or clients running late for appointments are inevitable in the world of real estate. One way to overcome this is to prepare for interruptions.  When you plan your time at the start of each day, allow some time for unscheduled items.  Accepting and planning for interruptions means that you can still try to stay on schedule and also achieve the objectives on your list.

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