3 ways to get more hours of the day

Most of us have wished we could achieve more in a day at one point or other. Somehow being able to magically increase the number of hours in a day would be one way of fixing this. However, an increase in productivity during the day could effectively achieve the same result – and is actually achievable.

Below are three tactics which may assist in achieving just that.


While this point may appear counterintuitive, ensuring you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep can increase productivity in a number of ways. By getting your regular 8 hours, functions which help you remain focussed may improve, such as memory and stress management as an example. Being able to stay on top of all the bits and pieces you need to remember, while managing to keep stress levels in check, can be great rewards for making sure you prioritise getting enough sleep each night. By rearranging your schedule a little and sacrificing some time in front of the screen, or trying to get away from the office on time most nights, that extra hour or so of sleep may become possible.


Exercising 30 minutes a day, five days a week can sometimes seem like a hefty commitment. However, the benefits of these three hours of activity each week can really outweigh the effort involved. Exercise can develop cognitive ability through increased blood-flow to the brain, while research has also shown that there is a clear correlation between physical activity and mental health. Furthermore, increased physical activity, such as cardio and weight training, can even decrease your chance of physical illness and assist in lifting energy levels generally. This means less days lost to sickness or fatigue, and more spent being productive and active. For these reasons it can be well worth the effort to look at your options for exercise, and try to implement a plan to make it happen.


It may seem at first glance that eating takeaway on the go would be the best way of improving productivity, due to the time saved not needing to cook. However, this may not necessarily be the case. Ensuring you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet and fuelling up properly for each day can improve productivity as it can assist in decreasing the chance of weight- and other diet-related issues. Studies have demonstrated that eating a wide variety of healthy foods can even assist in improving happiness levels, creativity and engagement for some. This is why putting a small amount of work into eating right can lead to large gains in productivity, and in this regard planning is the key. Planning when, what and where you will eat at the beginning of the day (or week) will ensure you’re not tempted to turn to fast food.

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