Avoid verbal slip-ups

Ample studies have revealed the importance of non-verbal communication in effectively navigating all manner of business transactions., However no amount of eye contact or reassuring nods of the head will save you if you accidentally letting slip the following common verbal blunders:

1. Mispronounce a name.

If you mangle a client’s name, it’s unlikely that they’ll soon forgive you. So if you’re meeting a new client with a potentially difficult name, it may be worthwhile to practice pronouncing it before you go to the meeting or even asking them how to pronounce it.

2. Make assumptions.

Speaking with certainty on a topic when relying on personal assumptions may leave you red-faced if your assumptions are found to be incorrect. It is always safer to stick to topics you’re sure about and leave it to the client to clarify everything else, such as their relationship with someone that’s accompanying them.

3. Express you ‘need’ the client.

Even if you do desperately need a client, it’s best not to communicate this as it may cast doubt over your attractiveness to your clients’ competitors, a sure way to ring alarm bells instantly. It may also project an image of instability, which could lead the client to suspect that you’re not likely to be able to complete the deal.

4. Back track.

If unsure about the details of any aspect of a transaction, it’s best to clarify those details for yourself before returning to the client multiple times with changing or conflicting information. If you do have to back track and correct yourself on multiple occasions, the client may get the impression that you’re too disorganised to complete the project, or even haven’t understood its fundamentals.

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