Balancing work with life

Pursuing a career as a real estate agent can be hugely rewarding and satisfying.  However it is not uncommon to find yourself working long hours while dealing with pressure and stress.  Ultimately, your career, whatever it may be, is a very important part of your life and you must devote time to it, however so too is your life outside of work.  Your family, friends, health and other personal needs should be given time also.  So how does it all come together? It’s called juggling. 

Being organized is an essential trait for anybody who leads a busy life.  Calendars and diaries are your tools for keeping on top of things.  A great way to juggle work and play is to set your diary down in front of you, taking a moment to consider how you spend your time currently, and what you’d like to be doing more of.  You are now in a position to plan ahead, and by doing so you have the ability to manage your time much more effectively. 

The first group to consider is your family.  Your marital status is not hugely important here – let’s look at family as those people who are closest and most important to you.  These people deserve your whole-hearted time and attention, as you do theirs.  Try to co-ordinate your diary with those around you, i.e. your spouse, partner, and parents, and agree on the quality ways in which you will spend time together.  Planning weekend trips away, or a weekly date night can help to draw your mind away from the office and ensure that your quality time is well spent.  

In any job, your health is a fundamental aspect that you must consider.  Things like stress, malnourishment and lack of sleep may have a significant impact on the way you do your work, and your superiors and clients could notice that you are not performing at your best.

People are often amazed at the profound effect paying attention to daily activities such as eating, exercise and sleeping can have on your general well-being.  Taking the time to consider these activities properly could enable you to better deal with stress, helping you to increase productivity at work.

Try to use your diary to schedule exercise and keep these appointments with yourself.  Even if it is just a twenty minute walk three times per week, exercise can help to clear your head and refocus.  For those who are not used to regular exercise it can be hard to get yourself into a habit.  Try not to break your exercise appointments and perhaps have a goal (such as weight loss or time taken for a certain distance) to keep yourself motivated. 

If you can, try to establish a regular bed time each night.  Obviously on some evenings you will need to work late or attend a function, however a reasonably regular routine can help to regulate your body clock, enabling you to sleep soundly during the night and be wide awake while working. 

Non-related, personal time is important to build into your life.  Use this time to do anything you want – be it reading a magazine or relaxing on the couch in front of a movie.  Allow yourself to step away from your mobile phone or computer and enjoy a break from the demands of others.   Even if these breaks are simply for a few minutes here and there, try to plan them into your lifestyle and make sure you enjoy them. 

Many people find that juggling the important areas of life can be a simple process.  And the benefits to your working life can be tremendous.  These include greater productivity and the ability to deal with stress much more easily, changes which will be noticed by your superiors and your clients. 

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