Beating procrastination

It is probable that most people have been guilty of some form of procrastination at various points during their lives.  As real estate agents, we are generally fairly busy most of the time, but sometimes there are just those tasks that seem particularly hard to tackle and unfortunately keep getting pushed to the side.  For many people procrastination is a minor glitch that may disturb some working days, however for others the tendency to procrastinate has the potential to be incredibly damaging to their careers.

What is procrastination? Essentially, a procrastinator delays completing pressing tasks, instead turning to options that are more likeable, or less of a challenge to complete. 

If you can see that you are in fact a procrastinator, you should find that your career as a real estate agent will benefit from you moving to reduce the amount of time you waste during working hours.  According to the management and leadership training website, Mind Tools, the best way to approach and control time spent procrastinating is to understand why you are doing so in the first place. 

People procrastinate for different reasons, which according to Mind Tools can include:
• The unpleasant nature of a task
• Disorganisation
• A feeling of being overwhelmed by a task and that the skills required to complete it are lacking
• A lack of time to complete a task perfectly
• The fact that you can’t decide what to do about a task and so don’t do anything at all.

As a real estate agent you may find yourself putting off tasks like calling a client to deliver unwelcome news, or completing paper work in the office when you would prefer to be on the road selling properties.  Unfortunately at every real estate agency, even at high executive levels, there will be tasks that we would rather not do.  The most successful real estate agents understand that the more quickly the unpleasant undertaking is completed, the faster they can move on to the more enjoyable aspects of the job. 

So what can you do to reduce the amount of time you spend procrastinating? Mind Tools offers the following suggestions:

• Set rewards to incentivise yourself.
• Understand the negative consequences that will occur if the task is not completed.
• Keep a to-do list
• Set yourself time goals
• For seemingly unmanageable tasks – break them up into smaller goals
• Improve your ability to make decisions

In essence, your success as a real estate agent will depend on how much you are able to achieve in a given time frame.  By cutting the time spent procrastinating, you may find that you are more productive which will be evident in the results that you attain. 

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