Become a better agent – determine what works for you

There is certainly no shortage of educational material and training courses aimed at providing real estate agents with a variety of ways to improve their performance.  Many of these resources can be very valuable and certainly enable agents to become better at what they do – enhancing their strengths and developing areas that might need some work.

It must be said however, that in professional settings there are certain ways that we as individuals do things that simply work for us.  As a real estate agent, this could be the way that you present to prospective clients or show buyers around a property for sale.  

In this age of rapidly advancing technology, new techniques and tools are providing alternative solutions for real estate professionals to conduct business and connect with markets.   On paper such new ways of doing things may look to be efficient and valuable, and many agents will be compelled to embrace them wholeheartedly.  

It is certainly positive when professionals view new developments with an open mind and consider how they might be best incorporated into daily practice.  However the danger with new developments can often be that people favour new, popular tools over methods that work for them and that they do well – to their personal detriment.  

By way of a simple example, many agents are now using tablets to deliver presentations to potential vendors.  While presenting in this format can definitely look professional, there are many agents who will look to use this new technology, yet in actual fact their own traditional means of delivery might actually be much more powerful and convincing.  

There could therefore be much value for real estate agents to take a step back and seriously consider what they do best and the tactics that work for them to achieve their ultimate goal – selling real estate.  When confronted with new mediums and tools, it is certainly worth agents considering how these might be incorporated into their overall strategy, however agents should take care not to be swayed by emerging technologies to the detriment of tried and true methods that they know they can execute and achieve results.  

Ultimately, finding the combination of new techniques and proven tactics that works best on an individual level could be an ideal approach for those real estate agents who wish to achieve personal success.  

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