Becoming a more assertive Real Estate Agent

At times there can be a fine line between being perceived as acting too assertive in the workplace and being too passive.  Real estate agents can sometimes be afraid that their assertiveness will be seen as aggression or rudeness and therefore hold back on their professional opinions in meetings with clients or when talking to colleagues or management.
People in all professions, including the real estate industry, can be taken advantage of because they are afraid to stand up for their own beliefs.  While it can be difficult and intimidating to confront certain situations at work and in the world of real estate, it can also be quite empowering to learn that you can be assertive without harming your reputation.

Here are a few tips on how you can become both assertive and professional.

The best way to become more assertive is to honestly reflect upon yourself.  Help gauge your level of assertiveness by answering the following questions:
- Do you feel attacked when someone’s opinion differs from your own?
- Do you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to requests that you should be saying ‘no’ to, just to avoid disappointing people and conflict?
- Are you able to accept constructive criticism easily?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you make benefit from working on the following skills to help you become a more assertive real estate agent. 

1. Address issues directly by confronting them head on.  Do not gossip with others or complain, be professional and stand up for yourself in a polite manner.
2. Project your confidence so others do not perceive you as being meek and submissive.  Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by authority.  Maintain a self-assured image even when in doubt.
3. Do not make demands.  Being assertive does not mean that you will always get your way around the office.  Being professional is about learning to compromise and negotiate.
4. Control your emotions so that frustration and anger do not get in the way of business.  Emotion can sometimes be a sign of weakness within the office place.  If you are stressed step outside and take a moment to refocus yourself.

It is usually easier to be assertive in your office or when meeting with clients if people respect your skills as a real estate agent and as a valuable member of the team.  Try to enhance this respect by contributing and voicing your thoughts in a way that is mindful of the opinion of others.

Finding a medium between being assertive, driven and professional can be challenging, but in most cases is definitely worth the effort.  In the end, your clients and colleagues should respect your professionalism and healthy self-attitude. 

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