Being an ethical real estate Agent

In order to become a well respected, high performing CENTURY 21 real estate agent, it is important to have a good standard of ethics.

The following tips are offered as a guide to help you advance your career and local reputation as an ethical real estate agent.

1. Improve your knowledge on price points in your local real estate market
A good agent should know the general trends and conditions of the real estate market so that the advice offered to clients is competent and applicable.  Often without extended property knowledge themselves, your clients will rely on you – it is your job to advise buyers about how much to offer on a property and to give vendors a reasonable expectation regarding what price to expect when selling. 

2. Only show homes that are within your client’s budget
It can be seen as arrogant to show properties to clients that either do not meet their required needs or which are simply too far outside of their price range – both of these activities can make clients feel uncomfortable.  If you continue to ignore your client’s comments and budget they may go elsewhere.
3. Put your client’s interests first
When acting on behalf of buyers, do not send multiple people to the same property to bid against each other.   In these instances it may become obvious to your clients that you are putting your own interests in a higher commission above theirs.

4. Leave your personal issues at home
Bringing your private problems or emotional attitude to work will usually have an impact on your relationship with your clients, not to mention your productivity.  If you need time off work, it is best to talk to your manager.

5. Don’t make your clients chase you for an answer
Eager agents always find time to reply to emails and answer phone calls from clients.  Real estate transactions can be a very personal process, often with large sums of money involved, and clients rely on their agents to guide them through the process.  If your client cannot contact you, you risk losing their personal business, as well as referrals. 

6. Be competent, polite and confident
An ethical real estate agent is one who respects their clients.  By showing a constant lack of attention to detail and rudeness such as consistently spelling a client’s name incorrectly, being short tempered or lax in your provision of feedback, you are essentially sending a message that your client is not high on your list of priorities.  Again, this may lead to a situation where your client takes their business elsewhere. 

There will always be room for improvement in your career as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent and there is no doubt that upholding ethical standards of behaviour will positively impact your personal reputation in the industry.


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