Building on your sales techniques

Many people believe that selling is an innate skill – you either have it or you don’t.   Whilst it can’t be denied that some people do in fact seem to be born with the gift of the gab, it would be a mistake to assume that such sales techniques cannot be learnt.  Sales training is therefore an important venture for all real estate agents to pursue at various stages of a career. 

There are many skills that real estate agents must master, with strong sales techniques rating high on the list.  It goes without saying that the better you are at selling, that is, understanding the needs and wants of your clients and helping them to meet them, the more successful you will be as an agent. 

The following points are some simple sales techniques to assist with the personal development of all CENTURY 21 real estate agents.  

1. Sales is a learned skill that can be developed and built on
True professionals and the best sellers still need to engage in sales training throughout their careers, maintaining and building on their current levels of proficiency. 

2. Recognise that the mind controls most sales
Confidence is a large contributing factor to your level of sales.  If you believe you can and will sell or rent your next property, chances are you will be successful.  You will learn to grow in personal confidence when you make a sale if you are comfortable with your research, level of effort and your overall commitment to the buyer making the purchase.

3. Spend time with prospective clients
Much of the time that will assist you in developing your sales techniques is the time you invest in understanding your clients and their ultimate needs.  It is to this end that you need to schedule your valuable time wisely – minimise the hours you spend travelling to and from appointments and on paperwork and maximise the time you have to learn more about your clients.  The relationships you develop will help you build more confidence and assist you when it comes time to negotiate and make a sale. 

4. Learn to close the deal
Knowing exactly how to communicate when closing deals is a skill that completes the circle of your sales training.  Ensure that you work on your ability to think under pressure and develop an understanding about the meaning of your clients’ body language. 

It is important to understand that sales techniques are a combination of natural ability, continued growth and the skills that are picked up along the way.  The best real estate agents are those who consistently work towards developing their client relationships and their methods of communication.

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