Business etiquette for real estate agents

As a busy real estate agent, you will no doubt be aware that the role requires you to interact with numerous people on a daily basis, including colleagues, clients and other external parties.  As with any profession, the way you conduct yourself in a professional capacity reflects both your abilities and attitude towards the position. 

There are a number of key areas where real estate agents can look to ensure their conduct is professional. 

Note the distinction between internal and external communications
Unfortunately many people don’t understand the difference between communications with a colleague as opposed to those with a client.  Despite the fact that you should be polite and respectful in both, you may find that there can be a difference in tone and language used between internal and external parties.  It is important to note this distinction so as to remain professional in all communications. 

Note and adhere to dress code
Every real estate office may have a different dress code and standards that are considered appropriate.  These can include suits, CENTURY 21 ‘Gold’ uniforms, and perhaps smart casual attire on certain days.  However, real estate agents should note that it is always important to dress in a manner appropriate for the occasion – for example, when meeting with clients or presenting a property to the public, it is usually most appropriate to be dressed in professional attire. 

Keep relevant parties informed
A busy real estate agent usually has many tasks on the go at once.  However it is important to understand that the outcomes of many of these tasks affect other people – both colleagues and clients.  It is a professional courtesy to keep relevant parties informed of progress, particularly when it affects their own work.  Real estate agents could also look to ask clients when the best time for contact should take place – particularly if normal business hours are inappropriate to personal circumstances. 

Respect colleagues working around you
Real estate offices are busy places with many agents often working under strict deadlines.  As such try to respect your colleagues working around you by keeping personal phone calls to a minimum, speaking at low volumes where possible, and monitoring the volume of your computer speakers. 

There is no doubt that extending professional courtesies to both colleagues and clients can go a long way to furthering your reputation as a professional real estate agent.  The above factors and others are important considerations for any agent operating in today’s competitive environment. 

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