Clarity and jargon in the property market

For any real estate agent, communication will be one of the most integral aspects of their day-to-day job; whether communicating with a colleague, prospect or client, the ability to convey information in a clear and succinct manner, is one of the most important ingredients that go into fostering productivity and success. As such, I have decided to discuss two communication concepts that I feel are particularly relevant to the real estate profession: the importance of clarity and the place of jargon. 

The importance of clarity

Expressing information with clarity can enhance your ability to build trust, rapport and understanding with clients. Given such, it is important to invest enough time in explaining to your clients the market factors and conditions that could potentially affect their outcomes. Through being up-front and clear with clients from the start, you can increase the degree of transparency in your relationships with them – something which will ultimately put you in a better position to manage their expectations, should you encounter difficulties at a later point in time.

Clarity can also be fostered through consistent communication; by regularly reinforcing key messages and consistently keeping clients up-to-date regarding their property affairs, you can not only empower them to make more savvy and informed property decisions, but you can also reduce the likelihood that they will misunderstand and/or overlook critical information. 

The place of jargon

As most real estate agents will know, industry jargon can be used to give clients and prospects perceptions about property that may not be entirely accurate. This, however, is never a smart approach; results ultimately speak for themselves and if you mislead your clients into forming unrealistic expectations, the outcome will almost invariably be a negative one. 

In light of such, the best approach is often to steer clear of using real estate jargon with your clients. This is not to say – however, that you should not educate them on the meaning of commonly used real estate terms. The reality is that your clients are engaging in a highly competitive environment where industry jargon is likely to be circulated at one point or another –not necessarily always in your presence. Given this, it is always a smart idea to demystify common real estate terms at the start of your relationships with a client; this will ensure that they  are empowered with the requisite knowledge to make smart and informed property decisions. 

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