Communicate effectively with foreign investors to maximise your business’ potential

In the era of globalisation foreign investment has, more than ever, become an integral part of a nation’s economic stability and development. Australia is no exception, with international buyers showing great interest in our country’s lifestyle, natural resources and educational institutions. This fact, together with Australia’s diverse multicultural composition, has increased the necessity for real estate agents to develop their intercultural communication skills. 

While real estate agents generally become very strong interpersonal communicators with English speakers, they do not necessarily always learn how to adapt their communications methods to the needs of overseas clients. As such, they can fail to maximize the value of prospective sales and clients.

The key to effectively communicate with someone from another culture is contained in first understanding that you will need to be both more conscious of and strategic with your messages than you may usually be.

You should also make a point of proactively seeking out information about the person’s background – where they come from; what language they speak; their traditions and customs. Such information will make it easier for you to ascertain their expectations, barriers and eccentricities, which in turn will enable you to cater your communications approach to them.

Next, cultivate and demonstrate tolerance. You should always be prepared for the possibility that cultural differences may cause some communication problems, and be willing to be patient and calm, as opposed to hostile and aggressive. Responding to questions or concerns should always be done in a clear, slow and even manner, which will help to diffuse intensity and reassert control over the situation.

Another simple way to ensure that your dealings with foreigners are conveying your intended meaning is to be as direct as possible.  Try not to use large words if a more straightforward term exists.  Also, attempt to construct short and concise sentences – an approach that commonly increases the power and impact of messages.

In terms of language it is also best to steer clear of ambiguities, innuendos and implications. The English language uses conditional words such as “may” and “could” more than most languages.  To your foreign client/s, words like these could very possibly mean “will.” Again, keep your messages direct, clear and obvious and you stand a much better chance of pushing through a sale.

As technology, trade and economics continue to bring the world even closer together opportunities for foreign investment in the real estate market should continue to increase. Therefore, it is important for you as a real estate professional to consistently employ effective cross-cultural communication techniques when speaking to prospective overseas investors. In doing such, you stand a greater chance of maximising your success as an agent.

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