Communication and delegation - essential project management skills

In a busy real estate organisation, there are often many property listings and other projects on the go at any one time.  Your role as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent will often see you taking on the management of such tasks (working on a project alone or delegating responsibilities to others), as well as assisting colleagues with their projects. 

With a busy team working together in this way, important jobs can sometimes be forgotten along the way.  As such, when managing a team it is important for real estate agents to ensure that team members understand what is required of them individually and when tasks are due for completion.  It is also essential for agents working as part of a team to always confirm the responsibility that has been allocated to them. 

Communication is key when managing a task alone or in accordance with other colleagues.  In the first instance, it is important for real estate agents to make sure they have a full appreciation of the overall project goal, a clear understanding of what is expected of you from the team leader (for example, organising an open inspection or property advertising as part of the sale of a property) and who is responsible for other related tasks. 

A project should have one point of contact – if this is you (as project leader), it is important that you take responsibility for ensuring that lines of communication are open, and that your directions are clear and unambiguous.    

A great project management tip that real estate agents may like to consider is to create a project timeline, which includes a checklist, identifying responsibilities given and when these are due.  This timeline should be distributed to the team so that everyone is on the same page. 

There are certain benefits to defining responsibilities and deadlines when managing a task, whether it be a project that you are working on by yourself or with colleagues.  Such advantages can include:

• The easy identification and resolution of issues as they arise, thanks to clear segmentation of tasks;
• The efficient and timely completion of tasks, due to ownership taken by group members;
•  A reduction in the amount of mistakes made. 

The clear identification of the steps involved in a real estate project usually allows such a project to be managed with greater ease and efficiency, whether this is an individual task or one a real estate agent is working on with others.   To successfully manage a project, CENTURY 21 real estate agents should ensure that clear communication and task delegation are practiced at all stages throughout the process. 


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