Concentrating on your client and the task at hand

As a successful real estate agent with a portfolio full of a large number of listings at any one time, it can often prove challenging to manage multiple clients simultaneously, while communicating to each that they are your number one priority. 

However even though it can be difficult, such customer focus is one of the most important parts of your job as a real estate agent.  For many people selling a property can be one of the most stressful and emotionally draining processes they will ever go through and they are paying a real estate agent a not-inconsiderable sum to make this journey as easy and successful as possible. 

It is thus important for you as a real estate agent to guide your client through the selling process, focusing on their requirements and keeping them as updated as they wish to be. 

So how can you, a busy real estate agent, make this process as easy as possible for yourself? Achieving this feat requires a great deal of skill in time management and ensuring you are incredibly organised. 

You may find one good method of being able to concentrate on particular clients as and when you need to is to develop a work in progress template, outlining every stage in the selling process.  Establish and regularly update one of these for each of your clients, so that you will have an easily accessible document that can be quickly reviewed if a client needs information instantaneously. 

It is also a good idea to refresh yourself with this document prior to a meeting with a client, so that you have the information new to mind and will be able to answer any questions readily, confirming to your client that you are very much on top of their sale. 

The prompt returning of phone calls and emails also sends an important message to your clients – they can rely on you to provide them with information as and when they need it and will not have to wait for it.  Even if you know that you will be particularly busy for a certain period – e.g. you have a day where you know that you have back to back meetings, use the time in-between meetings to send a courteous message informing your client that you have received their phone call or email, and provide a reasonable time that they can expect to hear from you.  Even if your client has not received an answer to their problem, they will appreciate that you took the time to respond when busy and will usually patiently wait to hear back from you. 

In many situations, the making of an incredibly successful real estate agent is their ability to provide excellent customer service, ensuring that each client feels as though they are the most important listing to the agent.  Make sure your clients feel that their business is valued to you – this can be achieved by getting back to them quickly and always being up to date with the particulars of their situation.  Such customer service should ensure repeat business as well as excellent word of mouth publicity.  

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