Crafting an online profile to serve your personal brand

It is well known that many real estate consumers begin their search for properties and agents online. As such, it is important for agents to have a strong web presence – not just in terms of promoting their listings, but also presenting their unique value proposition. It is therefore wise for agents to take some time to carefully construct an online profile page that accurately captures their personal brand as well as the brand of their company.  To this end, here are three key tips for creating an effective online profile page.  

1) Include a professional photograph: your picture is often the first thing that someone will see when they click on your profile page. Given this, it is important for your photo to be eye-catching, appropriate and, most of all, professional. A professional headshot, for example, can be staged to include corporate branding such as clothing with your company’s logo; 

2) Supply additional content: if you already maintain an online profile page, it is important to include links to online content associated with you or your company. This can include, but is not limited to: social networks; online blogs; personal websites; and anything else that serves to engage consumers with your service offering. 

3) Provide a descriptive and concise biography: including a long-winded biography in your online profile may work to hinder its overall effectiveness. As such, it is important to keep your online biography concise and to include information that boosts your credentials and conveys your point of difference. This can include, but is not limited to: professional achievements; qualifications; previous sales; and minor personal details to foster relatability. 

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