Dealing with unsatisfied clients

Most real estate agents will encounter challenges in dealing with unsatisfied clients at one point or another. However, if client complaints are addressed in an effective way, they can potentially pave the way for renewed and more communicative working relationships. In light of this, we have prepared five quick tips to help agents deal with client complaints.

1. Listen – then act: some agents fail to understand the whole issue at play before rushing to provide a solution, which can sometimes yield negative results in terms of diffusing clients’ frustrations. When things go wrong for a client, they may simply want to vent and release frustration – so it’s important to let them air their concerns before interjecting. If you have a solution in mind that will likely solve their problem, that’s great; but if you don’t give the client an opportunity to speak first, they may never willing to be hear you out;

2. Thank the client: thanking the client for raising their issue with you may help to legitimise their concerns and diffuse their anger. This doesn’t mean that you have to accept complete responsibility for the issue; just that you thank the client for being honest and bringing the issue to your attention;

3. Empathise: empathy can be a powerful tool for connecting with unsatisfied and frustrated clients. However, if used carelessly, empathy can also work to fuel a client’s anger. The key to displaying empathy is to be sincere and to avoid commonising or minimising the client’s experience. To this end, it’s best to avoid using phrases such as “I know how it feels” and the like. Using broader statements that repeat the client’s problem such as “I understand that you’re having problems with settling this transaction” may prove more effective;

4. Follow-up promptly and regularly: It is important to follow-up with clients shortly after you’ve implemented a solution to ensure that they are satisfied with the outcome. Even if you know that the client is satisfied with the outcome, it is still important to regularly touch base to show them that you care and value their business.

By listening, thanking, empathising and following up with unsatisfied clients promptly and regularly, agents can place themselves in a strong position to diffuse client frustrations and salvage valuable professional relationships. 

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