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One of the most important points to convey to a prospect is an explanation of the value you bring to the sale of their property. This explanation needs to be effective, as people won’t list their property with you if they don’t understand why your expertise and knowledge is more valuable than the next agents.

Taking the time to step back and examine how you’re explaining a concept could help to turn more prospects into clients, and with this in mind we have prepared three pointers to help you craft more effective explanations.

1. Look at the big picture: when explaining a complex idea, people may spend too much time focusing on the details and forget to explain how they fit in the bigger picture. For example, explaining to a prospect the effectiveness of a channel of advertising probably isn’t useful if you haven’t first explained how important advertising is when listing a property;

2. Less is more: if the prospect starts to look like they don’t understand your explanation, a strong urge may be to add more detail. A more effective strategy may be to step back and ensure that prospects understand the basic points of your explanation before proceeding cautiously with more detail;

3. Focus on the why: answering why your prospect should choose you early in the explanation will capture their attention, and allow you to use this as a building block for providing more information to close the deal.


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