Emotional Intelligence – the key to workplace relations

In real estate, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is essential for excellence in both career performance and relationships in the workplace. 

As a real estate agent, you will likely be influenced by your relationships and how you work with the people around you, including your fellow agents, support staff, management and clients.  To achieve success requires you to understand these relationships and what drives them. 

Relationships with colleagues and clients are based on commitment, confidence, motivation and productivity.  The concept of EI will allow you to manage such relationships – knowing how to best utilise this tool will thus help you to increase your levels of performance and enjoyment. 

EI also involves how you manage your feelings when working, which is not always easy, especially when you’re particularly busy or stressed.  Emotions such as resentment, insecurity, anger, anxiety and feeling under-appreciated can have a negative effect on your daily routine and career.

The following tips consider how to incorporate the concept of EI into your work as a real estate agent. 

Build strong relationships at work
The relationships you build at work, including with colleagues, clients and management, can shape your career and entire work experience. You should try to build strong relations with those around you and proactively network as much as possible.  These alliances may offer support and help you move ahead with your career.

Attitude is a matter of perspective
Try to leave an unhappy attitude at home. If you are not confident or willing to participate you may not find work all that enjoyable. The power to change your attitude and emotions rests with you.

Workplace actions speak louder than words
You do not always need to be right and points do not always have to be proven. Your colleagues will respect you for knowing when to challenge an issue or to simply leave it be.  Displaying aptitude and simply getting things done on time will go a long way to heightening your standing with people at work. 

Learning to be confident, helpful, positive and reliable are just a few of the characteristics that can help you to enhance your use of EI in the workplace.  Try to learn to employ your intelligence to build relationships and heighten your success as a Century 21 real estate agent.

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