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As a real estate agent in today’s market you must compete with hundreds, if not thousands of other real estate agents in both your local market and around the country to achieve success.  Not only do you have to fight to win listings, it is also harder to retain clients as their alternative agent options are limitless should they be unhappy with an aspect of their dealings with you.   

While your selling skills will ultimately be what allows you to realise excellent sales results, the ability to provide exceptional customer service to your clients is one way to position yourself above the competition.  If your clients feel well taken care of and that their needs were not only met but unexpectedly surpassed, you should be able to achieve customer loyalty and referral business.   

The following ideas are just a few ways that you can practice good customer service skills with your real estate clients. 

Spontaneous check-in
Conducting preorganised meetings with your clients are obviously essential and are times when important matters concerning the property sale are to be discussed.  It is good to note however that some clients may appreciate you taking the time to drop in to see them for five or ten minutes here and there, not necessarily to discuss the sale, but just to check in and see how they are going. 

The prime moment to call in may be at a time when you know your client is cleaning or gardening in preparation for selling.  Readying a property for sale can be both emotional and stressful, and seeing an agent genuinely take the time to see how you are going can be of help to some people.

Of course, many sellers would not appreciate their agent coming over unannounced, so use your best judgement to determine which clients would appreciate the gesture.  

Be truthful to your clients
It is not often that people respond well when they are aware that someone, especially a salesperson, is not being honest with them.  In real estate it becomes especially important to treat your clients with integrity and respect, especially in the current market where prices in various areas are softening and some vendors are not achieving the prices they had originally expected. 

If you can prepare your client and help them to be realistic with their pricing expectations, always delivering bad news with respect, no matter what the sales outcome the client will usually remember you as an agent who was honest and helpful.  Such positive thoughts should stick with them past the sale and the finalisation of your dealings with them. 

Set contact guidelines and follow them
When selling a property, some vendors want to be updated with every little detail while others merely want to hear the big picture.  By simply asking at the beginning of the sales process and setting and following contact guidelines as per your client’s request, people will remember your service as catering exactly to their needs. 

Developing a good set of customer service skills is essential for your success as a real estate agent.  By cementing yourself in the memory of former clients you should enjoy not only client loyalty and repeat business but referral and word-of-mouth business also.  

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