Five quick tips for converting prospects into clients

To survive and excel in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, real estate agents need to be making full use of business opportunities that come their way. Despite this, the reality is that a large number of agents will fail to meet their full business potential; while many agents might be great at creating or identifying leads, they often don’t harness the right approaches for converting prospects into clients. 


Here are some five simple tips to help you nurture leads and increase your listing portfolio:


1.       Once you have made contact with a prospect and secured their initial interest it is important to follow up promptly; in the digital age, most clients and prospects are accustomed to receiving immediate responses and information and, as such, if you can’t demonstrate you’re ability to be highly contactable and communicative from the outset, you are going to place yourself at a disadvantageous position;

2.       Look to create opportunities to demonstrate your competitive advantage: chances are that if a prospect is speaking to you, they are also speaking to a few other agents. As such, it is important to be able to identify not only what makes you and your services unique but also the most effective ways to articulate these qualities to your prospects;

3.     Attempt to give your clients an immediate picture of what working with you is going to be like. For instance, you may want to consider creating a personalised information pack to send out either electronically or via mail. This could include previously sold properties within the prospect’s area, a resume of your experience, sample marketing materials and a ‘teaser’ pamphlet outlining some potential strategies for selling the prospect’s property;

4.     Consider creating two databases for prospects – one for those that are looking for agents immediately and another for prospects that are at the beginning of their search; this may help you to develop specialised conversion strategies for prospects based on the stage that they’re at within the selling/purchasing process;

5.     Look to demonstrate your expertise regarding the local market; prospects will almost invariably feel most confident going with an agent that appears to be well informed about their area of interest. As such, before you enter into detailed discussion with prospects, you should always aim to ensure that you are equipped with relevant neighbourhood information. This should include, but is not limited to, median house prices, demographic information, amenities, historical data and capital growth prospects. 

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TDI City Mohali

TDI City Mohali wrote on 08/11/2012 9:18 PM

These are really awesome tips i am really impressed by the work.

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