Five tips for a highly effective 2013

The dust has settled on a new year and with the festive season behind us, the next challenge is to make the most of the work year ahead. During January, it is often wise to take stock of the year that was and identify areas of potential improvement. 

What follows are five tips that all agents should keep front of mind when conducting business in 2013: 

1) Data entry:  one of the cornerstones of any effective agent is a clear and concise method of data entry. Unorganised processes may leave you open to a host of potentially harmful situations, which can lead to stress, inconvenience, expense and time-wastage. As such, it is important to have an efficient and secure system in place for entering relevant data such as client leads, contact details and account information;

2) Follow up: if you’ve secured the interest of a potential client, the next key step is to follow up promptly and personally. Aim to pursue all client leads with enthusiasm and confidence that you will secure the client and, as a result, grow your listing portfolio; 

3) Communication: the ability to confidently and clearly communicate with your clients can help to build trust, respect and rapport - qualities that can potentially lead to high levels of client retention and referrals; 

4) Goal orientation: try to incorporate something that you want to do this year with a performance based incentive.  For example, if you’re planning a holiday, you might extend your trip if you meet certain work-based goals.  As an agent, goal orientation is a tried and tested way of extracting positive results. Align your efforts with a particular reward in mind and the motivation should follow suit;

5) Leave your comfort zone: stepping away from the work habits and parameters that you’ve established for yourself can sometimes lead to some surprising results. You may, for example, discover a new method of engaging with clients that helps to strengthen your relationships. Furthermore, the discovery of new techniques and talents may work to better your skills as an agent.   

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