Four habits to leave behind in 2013

While we’d all like to imagine we’re perfect, it’s likely that most people will have created some habits which are best left in 2013. This may be a better approach than creating a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ style list of habits you’d like to form, as by eliminating bad habits it’s likely you’ll create good habits in their place.

With this in mind, below we have four habits you may find useful to leave behind in 2013.

1. Putting off professional development: it’s very easy to sideline professional development, especially during busy periods. Sidelining this habit and enrolling in courses in sales, marketing or public relations may enable you to become a stronger and smarter real estate professional;

2. Resisting new technology: while it is impossible to accurately predict what technology will shape the real estate industry in the next five to ten years, it’s important to move with changes in technology. One way to make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest trends and movements is by reading online blogs and real estate publications;

3. Being late: you may find it useful to make sure you don’t overload your calendar by adding 15 minute ‘buffer’ zones between appointments. One easy way to implement this is by making every appointment in your calendar start fifteen minutes before the time you’ve agreed with the person you’re meeting with;

4. Procrastination: you may find it useful to leave procrastination behind in 2013 by actively working to finish tasks well before they are due. Not only will you become more productive as a result, but may also find work less stressful.


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