Gain more repeat business in 2014

Repeat business and referrals commonly form a strong customer base for many businesses across Australia. However, often these important channels of business can be overlooked when your focus shifts to acquiring ‘new’ customers.

With this being said, here are four tips on gaining more repeat and referral business in 2014.

1. Keep in touch: while it’s all too easy to create an email database and send out mass emails to everyone on your contact list, you may find it more effective to send personalised emails or notes to 50 of your past clients each month. It may also be useful to keep note of your clients preferences so you can include these details in your communication;

2. Send them personalised gifts: while most people enjoy flowers or a gift hamper after completing a sale, you may find it more effective to send through a personalised gift. This could be something the clients mentioned needing, or a gift based on an interest that they’ve shared with you;

3. Host a social gathering: you may find it beneficial to host a social gathering at your office or home once a month and invite a few of your current and past clients. It’s likely that guests will appreciate the opportunity you’ve given them to meet other people from the community;

4. Communicate appropriately: if your clients are generally young professionals, it’s probably appropriate to keep in touch via twitter, however, if your clients are generally retirees you may find it more appropriate to keep in touch via post. You’re likely to receive more return from your communication efforts if you communicate through channels your audience uses.


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