Get the most from your real estate networking

For real estate agents, achieving success is largely based on how many listings you can secure.  The art of networking is therefore an important tool for real estate agents to master as the more people you know, and who know about you, the better placed you are for obtaining their business when the time comes for them to sell or make a property purchase.  

An article was recently published on the Smarter Business Ideas website entitled ‘The real art of networking’, which ran through some tips to help people network with success. 

The article’s author, Jo-Anne Hui, suggests that before going to a networking event (for real estate agents this may be an organised industry meeting, local community events, or a function within the CENTURY 21 organisation), people should have an understanding of what they would like to take from the experience and who they wish to meet. 

When at an event, the article recommends relaxing and making an effort to get to know people.  Remember, your immediate goal does not have to be to secure business straightaway – simply making new contacts can be incredibly helpful for building your career. 

Following an event, people are encouraged to follow up with the new contacts they have so as to cement the relationship.  This may take place with a simple email or phone call, and perhaps a coffee.  The further one-on-one contact may see the generation of new ideas where both contacts can work together to help one another.

I encourage real estate agents to read the article for more detail. 

For real estate agents, meeting new people can lead to relationships that both secure new business as well as provide you with an education and differing points of view.  The term ‘networking’ can apply to attending both events designed for that specific purpose, as well as regular social get-togethers where you are meeting new people – simply because an event is not work-related, don’t discount the people you may come across and what you can learn from them (and them from you).    

Try to be generous with your time and remember that while you can gain from some people, there will also be others who may be able to learn from your experiences as well.  By sharing knowledge and building your network you should be able to position yourself to achieve success in the real estate industry. 

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