Good communication at open homes

Just like the Australian dream of many is to own one’s house, your dream as a real estate agent may be to sell plenty of houses.  In order to achieve this goal, communication is key when conducting an open inspection. 

When showing a property you should try to be enthusiastic, conversational and engaging, remain available to all visiting guests, assume all people are genuine buyers, don’t be sexist or inappropriately dressed and know the house you are selling.

Buyers often pick up on it when you are unenthusiastic.  Remember that open inspections can often act as walking advertisements.  People may not be inclined to choose you to sell their own house if you come across as being bored or distracted at an open house they attend. Try to make an effort to engage people passing through the house in conversation about the property, creating a rapport with them.

Creating a relationship with potential buyers during an open house inspection is a simple way to keep visitors interested in the property. There is often nothing worse than being curious about a property but the agent on site is unapproachable.  Some common frustrations are when agents stay stationed in one room of the house and chat away on their mobile phone, or agents who are too chatty and only talk with a few interested parties.

At an open inspection, a common mistake that some real estate agents can make is to look unprofessional.  Personal appearance can be central to the manner in which both you and the house are perceived.  It usually pays off if you take the time to put effort into looking neat and tidy.    

At the bottom of all interactions with prospective buyers at an open inspection is the need to qualify their needs and wants from a property.  Use your conversations to establish what buyers are looking for and to judge if the particular property is in fact appropriate.  If not, perhaps suggest one of your other listings that is a more suitable selection.  Potential buyers should appreciate the honesty evident in this approach.    

There is much leg work and time that can be saved if key communication tools are utilised at open house inspections. 


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