Happiness at Work Leads to Sales Success

There is a misconceived formula in life that if we work hard to achieve career success we will be happy, hence the reason why we stay back at work and forego social pleasures.  However, to realise true success as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent follow this secret tip – be happy first and let good things happen from there. 

According to Alexander Kjerulf, a leading expert on happiness in the workplace, global speaker, consultant and author of the international best seller Happiness at Work, happy people are more likely to be successful. He purports that “people are not happy because they are successful but rather are successful because they are happy”.

As a CENTURY 21 agent, you may find it useful to take heed of Kjerulf’s advice and strive to become a better real estate agent simply by being happier.  This includes achieving contentment in both your home and work life through means such as improving your relationships, health and workplace satisfaction.  

Do you recall your parents’ advice when referring to your job choice after graduation? ‘You must love what you do’. In other words make sure you are happy at work, and the success will follow.

According to Shawn Achor, a consultant on human potential, we need to invert the way we think happiness and success. Cited in a recent article in the Australian Financial Review, ‘Happiness the key to life’s success’, Achor says “happiness is the best predictor of success in any area of life; career, marriage, health, creativity and energy.” He continues to affirm the importance of happiness in the workplace by commenting that “happy people have higher levels of productivity, produce higher sales, perform better in leadership positions, and receive better performance ratings and pay”.

Thus, for real estate agents, striving towards sales success in order to achieve a state of happiness may be a fruitless endeavour.  Instead it may be that the happier you are the more successful you are likely to be.   

It is true that hard work and career success can result in a sense of personal achievement and satisfaction.  However if your overall levels of general happiness are low with regards to both your work and home life, it is possible that you are not living up to your full potential in either arena.  Heed the advice of Kjerulf and Achor and take the time to reflect on how happy you really are, and how this can be improved upon.  You may find that by doing so, your work as a CENTURY 21 agent improves and you can achieve even greater successes.  

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