How goal setting can make you a better real estate agent

In any profession, it is important to be clear on what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.  To this end, goal setting can be a great technique, as the process can enable an individual to channel their time and efforts towards a clearly defined target. 

What steps should be taken in developing strategic and attainable goals?

1. Ensure that your goals are measurable: both you and your manager should agree on performance measures for successful completion of your goals. This may entail establishing and documenting short- and long-term targets as well as key performance indicators and prospective rewards. 

2. Be strategic in establishing time-frames: it is important to identify realistic deadlines for various aims so that you have added impetus to achieve them. This may mean balancing and prioritising goals in order of importance and feasibility. 

3. Identify potential obstacles to achieving your goals: these may be personal issues, like confronting a procrastination habit, or environmental factors, such as the effect that market forces could have on one’s ability to generate new clients. Once potential obstacles have been identified, it is then important to implement proactive strategies to prevent them from materialising.   

4. Ensure that your goals are challenging, but feasible: The broad aim of the personal goal setting process is for an individual to establish a driver towards fulfilling their potential. As such, it is important to have confidence in your own abilities, but to also be aware of your limitations.    

5. Consistently reflect on your progress and re-examine your goals to ensure that they are still what you want. If your goals change, allow yourself the freedom to adapt and re-focus. 


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