How responsibility and innovation can give you an edge at work

Added responsibility and innovative thought are two areas that can significantly assist real estate agents in building their careers.  There are certainly those who are apprehensive about taking on added responsibility at work as it can mean committing to an increased workload and longer hours.  However, what many people seem to forget is that increased levels of responsibility and the ability to be innovative within a role can allow you to lift your experience and abilities, positioning yourself for future employment opportunities. 

Regardless of your degree of responsibility at work, most people would benefit from incorporating more innovation into their daily routine and dealings with both clients and colleagues.  Striving to generate positive and creative thoughts when it comes to actioning your clients’ needs and requests can give you a point of difference and help you to build solid relationships.

Innovation is not solely about technology, rather it can simply consist of thinking outside the box and offering something different that is of value to clients.  As an agent you need to realise that you are the key to ensuring your own competitive advantage – the more innovative you can be in responding to your clients’ needs, the more respected you could become with continuing success achieved.  

Assuming more responsibility and performing well in tasks completed for both management and clients can also help you to enhance your competitive advantage and assist you in standing out from other agents.  Essentially, if senior management understand the extent to which they rely on you and are happy with your work, they are more likely to go to greater lengths to keep you satisfied in your role, or promote you to better positions. 

In the real estate industry, taking on responsibility and striving to think innovatively are two key ways for agents to further their careers.  By pushing themselves to think differently while simultaneously practicing tried and true methods of selling, agents can develop and enhance their competitive edge.  Taking on added responsibility too will help agents to become invaluable to an organisation, showing commitment and a thirst to do more.  

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