How to create and maintain an effective workspace

As a busy professional, it can sometimes be difficult to create and maintain an effectively organised workspace. Nevertheless, through taking some time out each day to organise and structure your workspace, you can work to ensure that your productivity, efficiency and overall performance is maximised. 


Here are five tips to help you create and maintain a functional and productive working environment:


1.       Make sure that you understand your own working habits: in order to organise your workspace effectively, you firstly need to be aware of factors that help and hinder your job performance. As such, you should reflect on the environmental factors that bear on your productivity. Ask yourself: What motivates me? What helps me to concentrate? What distracts me? The answers to these questions will ultimately help you in developing strategies for maximising the utility of your workspace.

2.       Focus on your desk space: your desk space should be an area which offers you quick and easy access to the equipment that you use most frequently. Therefore, if you have unused or distracting objects on your desk, throw them out or transfer them into storage; this will likely enhance your concentration and increase the clarity of your thought processes.

3.       Store information efficiently: it is commonly the case that when you need a file or document the most, it is nowhere to be found. In these situations, there is great potential for not only stress but also damaging inefficiency. To counter such, you should consider implementing systems that order and store files according to priority and relevance. This will help you to stay organised and on top of your daily, monthly and yearly tasks.

4.       Keep your electronic devices synchronised: as a real estate agent, you likely spend a large proportion of your time out of the office – something which necessitates the ability to work and communicate on-the-go. As such, it is always a smart move to have your electronic devises linked to one another so that wherever you are, you can access and communicate important information.

5.       Be strategic with your workspace: the optimum impact of any workspace is to motivate and stimulate the productivity of the individual that works within it.  It is therefore important to surround yourself with objects, images and messages that reinforce goals, positivity and self assurance.


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