How to create the perfect open inspection

The open inspection is an incredibly important part of selling real estate that agents need to perfect in order to achieve true success in the property industry. 

Not only is an open inspection a chance to display the property at hand in its best light, it is also a chance for you as an agent to exhibit your real estate skills and professionalism, appealing to the buyer who purchases the property, as well as to those who for the time being may just be looking, but who may have a property to sell in the future. 

So, what can you do to ensure your open inspections are a resounding success?

Dress professionally and respectfully
Your role as an estate agent is to complement the property you are selling – not to distract people from it.  This means that your clothes must be fresh, clean and ironed.  Essentially you are telling your audience that the same level of attention to detail that you put into your professional appearance will also be put into the sale of their home. 

Provide appropriate take-home marketing materials
People want to leave an open inspection with a set of paperwork that answers most of the questions that could come to mind after leaving.  This includes floor plans, colour photographs, recent sales in the area and of course your contact details should they have any other questions.  The presentation of this marketing collateral will often be perceived as a reflection of the property itself, thus try to use professional printing and good quality paper where possible. 

Use technology where suitable
There are some fantastic devices that real estate agents can use to up the ante, so to speak, at open inspections.  These include the various tablets and Smart Phones available, which can be used to display information and pull up relevant data instantly in answer to questions. 

However, be mindful that such technology should be used where appropriate to the demographic of your visitors.  For example, in a young, tech-savvy area, using an iPad display could give your open inspection a definite competitive advantage.  However, in an older market such tablets could be seen as confusing and may even do more harm than good. 

Tailor the number of agents present to the number of participants expected
While it is your job to be on hand to provide information at an open inspection, you are also responsible for the security of the seller’s property.  It is thus important to have only one entry and exit point to the property which is manned at all times.  Another agent should be free to rove and answer questions where needed.  The number of agents on hand to provide information is dependent on the number of people expected at the inspection. 

Follow up with everyone
The follow up is one of the most important aspects of the open inspection.  A follow up allows you to touch base with those genuinely interested in the property at hand, while also giving you the opportunity to enquire about an attendee’s future needs, potentially securing new business. 

With these strategies and others that you have found to be successful in your area you will be able to execute successful open inspections – ultimately selling properties and obtaining new business. 

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