How to make your listings stand out this spring

As we near the middle of spring, it is likely that some agents will be facing difficulties in converting certain listings on their books. There are several potential reasons for this including over-pricing, ineffective marketing and issues specific to the properties themselves. In some instances – however, it could simply be that a listing has become lost in the crowd. To prevent or rectify such, a real estate agent should look to focus on two key selling concepts:  marketing and presentation.




A marketing campaign, if executed effectively, can function to reinvigorate interest in a particular property and garner stronger offers from prospective purchasers. This is why it is important to make sure that each individual component of your marketing campaign is both integrated and effective. There are several important variables to consider when revamping a marketing campaign:


·         Make sure that photos of the property are professional and impactful; high quality images are the centrepiece of most effective marketing collateral and in the context of real estate listings, the reality is no different. If the photos you are currently using to market the property don’t lend themselves to making buyers think “Wow -  that property could make a great home or investment property”, consider hiring a professional photographer to take some new and improved shots;

·         Think about whether the marketing of the property has been fully maximised – both online and offline. Today, most buyers begin their property search online, and many offline advertisements drive customers online as well. As such, the strength of your online presence and digital marketing strategy should be something that you examine closely;

·         Consider whether you are actually marketing in a way that is conducive to selling the property – in its current state – and at its current stage on the market.  Properties that have been on the market for long time-periods often need to be marketed in more creative ways. As such, you should reflect on whether you are thinking laterally and adapting your strategy.





The importance of presentation during the marketing-for-sale process cannot be overstated.  In reality, most buyers know exactly what they’re looking for and make decisions about whether to consider purchasing a property within a minute or so of viewing it. This means that the presentation of your property needs to be impeccable – right from the point at which a prospective buyer walks through the front door until the point at which they leave.



To this end, you should ensure that the property is de-cluttered, depersonalised and physically intact. In addition, you may also want to consider implementing some presentation strategies that work particularly well during spring. For example, spring usually sees buyers become more interested in viewing the outside areas of a property. As such, you may benefit from drawing buyer focus outwards towards well maintained gardens, outdoor features and the like.  


You may also want to suggest that clients take a step further by undergoing a building and pest report. Showing this kind of initiative will likely give potential buyers an immediate sense of trust and security when viewing the property.


There are many different things that you can do as an agent to give your listings the best chance of standing out in the market. However, effective marketing campaigns, combined with professional presentation, remain two of the most sure-fire ways to convert your listings this spring. 

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