How to promote brand ‘you’ as a real estate professional

In the business of real estate human relationships are key drivers behind success. As much as agencies might advertise their big-buck results, listing portfolios or agent credentials, the critical motivator behind a client’s decision to go with a particular office or property is often the repour that they feel with a particular agent – that is, they buy into the agent, then the office, then hopefully a property; in the same way that a person might choose an iPhone based on Apple-brand recognition alone.

Given such, it is important that real estate professionals recognise just how much their own personal branding can impact on their ability to maximise success within the marketplace.  

‘Personal branding’ refers to the way in which an individual markets and differentiates themself by articulating and communicating their unique qualities to others. A relatively broad concept, it encompasses everything from the way a person dresses and talks to the way they type an email. 

The reality is that personal branding occurs for every individual regardless of intent. As you interact with people they invariably form mental associations that link you with certain labels, stereotypes and attributes. 

The good news is, however, that you can exert a degree of influence over the particular associations that people make. Through making a conscious decision to strategically define and communicate your own personal brand you can foster a reputation that is conducive to both your esteem and success.

Discover your personal brand

Brand discovery is about ascertaining what you stand for as an individual. This involves an assessment of your own person values, ethics, mantras, goals and qualities as well as an understanding of what makes your characteristics and skills distinct– your unique value proposition.

Ask yourself the following questions: If I had to tell someone five keys things about myself what would they be? What have I done lately to make myself stand out from my colleagues or competitors? What would my vendors and purchasers say is my greatest strength? 

Your answer might be that you always convert listings within a certain time frame; it could be that you are always honest with clients even when telling the truth won’t benefit you; it might be as simple as following up with purchasers after properties have sold to maintain relationships. 

Whatever the case, your personal brand should be built around genuine attributes that you possess and can consistently deliver on.

Create, market, communicate and maintain your personal brand

As is the case with any business brand, your personal brand must have recognition and exposure in the marketplace. It is therefore important that you create collateral and utilise platforms that will enable you to promote yourself to the public. 

To this end, a combination of strategies can employed including personal websites, blogs, social networking profiles, portfolios and email addresses. You can also communicate your brand by attending professional networking events, hosting community initiatives, making contributions to media sites, commenting on blogs, and engaging in press initiatives.

The most important thing to remember is that everything you say, do and present should communicate the value and character of your personal brand. Therefore, you should always act in accordance with the messages you project and the promises you make – because if you don’t your brand will quickly dilute. This also means that you will need to consistently update your collateral and promotional platforms to reflect changes in ‘brand you’ throughout your career.


Having a strong and authentic personal brand is an important asset for anyone working in today’s real estate marketplace. Through developing and maintaining a strategic, consistent and effective personal brand presence, any real estate professional can distinguish themselves in the industry, gaining a crucial edge over competitors and maximising their potential for career success.

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