How to win respect from your staff

As a real estate franchise owner, many qualities which bring you respect from your staff will also encourage business growth and development.  Once people within your workplace are able to admire and respect your management skills and personality, you should be able to find it easy to transfer that goodwill into strong business success. 

Not being taken seriously by clients, employees, customers, suppliers or business contacts are common concerns of self-employed people.  Gaining the respect from these parties is important and there are several ways to achieve it. 

By gaining respect from your staff you will be able to cement your level of authority in the office and your staff should feel they are able to trust you and your judgement.  If you can garner the respect of your employees, you may find that they will take your words more seriously, listen better to you, show their undivided attention and unintentional mimic your actions.

By earning respect from your colleagues and employees you will be able to create an efficient environment, and moreover be able to create a positive feedback loop that will power your own self confidence.

The following actions can help to build respect in the workplace:

1. Ask questions
Show interest in your employees and ask open ended questions that encourage new direction in office conversation.  Make sure that you are open and do not inhibit the opinions of others.

2. Assimilate information
When talking to your staff, try to use your own experiences (where appropriate) as examples.  If this is done in a professional manner, your staff can start to feel as though you have shared your own stories with them, helping to develop the relationship.

3. Anticipate problems and needs
Do not wait for things to fall apart around you; if you see a potential problem, decide on whether to fix the problem or develop an alternative solution.  Your staff should both admire and learn from your ability to deal with issues, and in the future will know to follow your example.     

Earning respect from your work colleagues not only helps to establish a respectable and responsible professional image, but can also trickle into creating a more enjoyable social atmosphere within your workplace.

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