Improve your approach to customer service

Buying and selling property can be a stressful, emotional and draining experience for many people.

Each property that is bought or sold is linked to many memories and as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent it is important to recognise the existence of these ties when assisting a client through the buying/selling process.  The customer service that you offer is incredibly important during this time and will ultimately have a large impact on how a buyer/seller handles the situation. 

The following tips may be of use to you in improving your level of customer service ensuring happy clients, and repeat and referral business. 

Engage with your customers

Learning how to engage with your customers to the point where you are able to understand their personal needs and dislikes is a helpful way to ensure you are providing the best customer service you can possibly offer.

Engaging with customers requires clear channels of communication, as well as giving them your complete attention, dedication and displaying a drive to find or sell a property that is appropriate for their situation. 
Customer service in real estate is about ensuring that your client is happy, comfortable and has confidence in your expertise.  Even after you have finalised a sale with a client, in many situations your continued correspondence will be appreciated.  Property investor clients, for example, will be happy to be kept up to date with purchase opportunities that you feel may interest them, and could reward you for your time with their continued business. 

Learn to accept and respond to negative feedback

Believe it or not, your levels of customer service can improve tremendously through receiving negative customer feedback.      

A 2010 survey of 12 countries from the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer found that Australia is one of the least tolerant nations when it comes to accepting bad customer service.

Fortunately it found Australians to be more forgiving of a poor experience if they had generally received good service. The study also revealed most consumers want to resolve their issues by speaking to a real person, either on the phone or face to face.

This is definitely worth considering as a real estate agent.  If a client is not happy with the service you have provided, endeavour to limit damage to the relationship by talking to the client about the problem, apologising (if necessary) and taking action to remedy the issue (if appropriate).  In any case, it is far better for you to ensure that the client leaves the relationship at least happy with the way their complaint was dealt with.
If you are a good sales person you can sell anything to anyone, but good customer service will ensure that you continue to represent clients in future real estate transactions.  Remember, to the average person buying or selling a house is one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lifetime.   Providing excellent customer service as their real estate agent will ensure that this decision is a positive one, and may help to result in repeat and referral business for you as an agent.  

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