Improve your efficiency by effectively managing your task list

As a busy CENTURY 21 real estate agent, you no doubt have a million tasks on your mind at any one time, all of which are important and must get done.  Those agents who already have a physical To-Do list system in place will understand how necessary these can be for organising tasks and ensuring they get completed on time. 

For those real estate agents who don’t have a task list system already in place, and even those who do but would like to know how their system may be better managed, you may like to consider the following tips:

1. Order your tasks by priority and get the most important tasks out of the way first.  This can help to reduce your stress levels and ensure you remain on top of things that are due imminently. 

2. Avoid having a large number of tasks in front of you at the one time as this can be overwhelming.  Instead, you may like to have two lists – one complete to-do list (perhaps on a weekly basis) that contains everything you are working on, and another daily to-do list with a more manageable amount of tasks on it. 

3. Break larger tasks into a series of smaller steps.  It can be tempting to procrastinate and avoid tasks that seem difficult.  Smaller targets are usually easier to achieve in a shorter period of time, and ticking them off could see you gain momentum and complete the entire task in a shorter timeframe. 

4. Spend ten minutes at the end of each day assessing what you have done, crossing things off, and planning your tasks for the following day.  This clarity around what needs to be achieved before you even begin your day should help get you off to the best possible start. 

Everyone has their own system to keep their tasks in order – some like to keep it on their Smartphone where it can be managed on the go and synced across multiple platforms, while others prefer to write it down where completed tasks can be satisfyingly crossed off. 

The efficient management of a to-do list is definitely a valuable skill for a real estate agent to master.  Having clarity around what needs to be done, and when it needs to be completed by, can help you to avoid procrastination, achieve goals more quickly and reduce levels of stress.

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