Improve your success by maintaining a healthy work/life balance

With the pace of life generally increasing and technologies continually advancing, it is no secret that the distinction between work and personal time is becoming blurred.  As a result, many real estate agents in today’s market are experiencing higher levels of stress which in turn may be affecting their productivity.  


It is important for busy real estate agents to be able to achieve a healthy balance between their careers as well as their personal lives, while still being able to reach goals in both domains. 


There are several simple ways for agents to look to enhance their health and mental wellbeing, ensuring productivity and success are achieved in all areas of one’s life.  Note that different methods will work for different people – it is important to determine what strategies will work for you on a personal level.  The following are just some examples of how real estate agents can look to achieve a healthy work/life balance.   


Take time to recharge

It is amazing what a simple clearing of the head can do for your mental state and efficiency of thought processes.  Whether this is increasing your sleep by one hour each night, taking one day over the weekend to disconnect as much as possible from work, or simply stepping out at lunchtime for some fresh air, the straightforward act of taking some time for yourself can certainly be beneficial and improve levels of productivity at work. 


Find what works for you to release stress/anxiety

You will find that there are certain activities that help you to relieve the tensions of both work and home life – these often vary from person to person.  Some examples include exercise (whether this is running, swimming, yoga etc), reading, watching a film, drawing, or perhaps reorganising your desk or rewriting your task list.  It is worthwhile to try a variety of activities until you find one that suits your lifestyle and helps you to unwind. 


Consider eliminating foods that do not result in optimal performance

Many people find that there are certain foods that simply do not agree with them and can create feelings of, for example, lethargy, bloatedness, anxiety or tiredness (among others), thus potentially impacting efficiency at work.  If you are not feeling 100 per cent, it may be a worthwhile exercise to consult a professional about your diet to identify where positive changes may be made. 


Learn to prioritse more effectively

Many real estate agents tend to be ‘go-getters’ and like to tick required tasks off promptly.  However it is important to note that stress can sometimes be reduced by focusing on tasks that are imminently due, and reducing the amount of mental energy dedicated to tasks that will not become important for some time.   By understanding the importance of various tasks and prioritising them appropriately, real estate agents should be better able to complete urgent needs and reduce levels of unnecessary stress. 


While the combination of work and personal demands can sometimes seem overwhelming, creating a balance is achievable and doing so can help to relieve pressures and improve success in both areas immensely – often resulting in better physical health and improved productivity.  The best way to achieve the optimal balance is usually to find methods that work best for you – both in the office and at home. 


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