Improve your understanding of Feng Shui

As real estate agents, the successful marketing and selling of properties usually requires a thorough understanding of your audience.  This includes knowing what appeals to, drives and influences people of different age groups, genders, incomes, cultures and nationalities. 


The increasing prevalence of Chinese investors in the Australian residential property is one such market that real estate professionals in many locations could do well to develop more of an understanding about. 


Growth in the Chinese economy, along with the country’s restrictions on lending to the real estate sector and on the buying of multiple properties (in an effort to improve housing affordability and to take some heat out of the real estate market), has forced many Chinese property investors to look at other markets like Australia to continue to build their property portfolios. 


In addition, skyrocketing prices in major Chinese cities have also made Australian housing look increasingly attractive to this buying group, while growing wealth is providing the means for many Chinese investors to look at international purchasing options which may not have been possible in the past. 


As such, there could be very real opportunities for Australian real estate agents to cater to and accommodate this group more effectively, such as through increasing their knowledge regarding practices like Feng Shui – a Chinese tradition that attempts to arrange premises in such a way as to increase prosperity. 


Feng Shui involves a great deal of factors – including the way furniture is positioned in a room, the alignment of features such as doors and windows, the presence of certain objects, the way a room is lit, and the placement of objects such as mirrors and clocks, among many others.  

While there are many Feng Shui principles and recommendations, real estate agents may find that having a general understanding of the tradition could help them attract buyers to their listed properties and give these properties a greater chance of securing the best price.

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