Improving your phone manners

As modern communication such as emails, Facebook, Twitter and video-conferencing begin to dominate our corporate and social interactions, it is important that real estate agents do not underestimate the importance of telephone conversations and face to face contact. 

Telephone conversation is usually the preferred means of contact for customers in any industry and in real estate it can act to enhance client relationships.  However if not conducted in a professional manner, telephone conversations may hurt the reputation of a business.

Working as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent you are constantly on the phone to various parties.  It is important to be aware that what you say on the phone and the way you say it can leave a lasting impression on the person at the other end.  Following several simple tips on improving your phone manners may help you to improve your client relationships and perhaps even sell more houses. 

1. Be happy and sound happy.
The tone of your voice can be a powerful reflection of your mood and dedication to your client at the other end of the line.  Often it is not what you say that matters, but how you say it.  Treating every phone call with a fresh mind and energy will help to keep your clients happy.
2. Always respond to questions
If you are asked a difficult question to which you do not know the answer, do not linger in silence or lie, rather admit that you are unsure and get their details, calling back with a solution to their issue.
3. Mind your language
Try to refrain from using inappropriate language or abbreviations when talking to clients over the phone.  Do not assume that your customer will understand industry talk - such real estate jargon can often confuse situations.

4. Show interest in the caller and their problem
Be of service to your client offering assistance wherever possible.  You may need to take notes from the conversation to help you follow up their request/problem in the most effective way. 
5. Never put a caller on hold unless you have to
If you must place the caller on hold, firstly ask them if they don’t mind holding the line for a moment and remember to check back with them every minute or so to ask if they are still happy to hold.  If they choose to hang up, ask for their contact details so you can call them back.
Do not underestimate the importance of maintaining professional telephone etiquette.  Your manners over the phone can help you to retain clients while enhancing your sound reputation as a real estate agent. 

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