Improving your versatility as a Real Estate Agent

Being a versatile real estate agent is about being capable of doing many things competently and often on short notice.  There is a lot more to this career than being a good salesperson.  Aimed at achieving the best results for your clients, you need to learn to develop your skills and experience as a real estate agent, enabling yourself to achieve results on a greater scale. 

If there is an important element which one must learn to master to become a competent and versatile agent, it is marketing.  Learning how to publicise both the properties you are selling, as effective communication, beyond the traditional forms you may be familiar with is highly essential for you to be able to grow as a real estate agent. 

Given the emergence of the internet as a powerful everyday tool in the lives of today’s consumers, like it or not, being versatile with your marketing skills will usually require the use of the internet to monitor and capture new clientele.  Online strategies can give you a great strategic advantage, whether for property advertising or customer communication. 

If you are a versatile agent you will note here that technology does not replace the need to create client relationships on a personal level.  Hence it is key to cater to the needs of individual clients – potentially offering an in-person relationship for those who require face-to-face contact, while managing virtual relationships with other clients who want less time. 

Being a versatile agent also means you must approach certain situations with an open mind.  During your career as a real estate agent, you may come across clients who are not after a traditional service – they may have a certain cultural or religious difference that makes their selling situation slightly more complex.  As a versatile agent, it is up to you to adapt to this situation, showing your client that you are the most capable agent for the job. 

The ability to think on your feet is a particularly useful skill to have as a real estate agent.  Considering the broad spectrum of potential clients you may come across over your career, you will no doubt meet varying personality types, some who you may get along with, others who may be slightly more difficult to handle.  Ultimately, your professionalism and versatility will allow you to step outside of your comfort zone and do things a bit differently to your usual approach.  Not only will this experience enable you to improve your skills as an agent, your clients should appreciate your having taken the time to work with them so diligently. 

In the end, versatile agents are perceived as being those who go the extra distance for their client and get the desired end result, even if the means wasn’t as was originally expected.  Versatility is a trait that vendors will respect and you should find that your skills as an agent improve as a result of the experience gained. 


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