Is Real Estate the job for me?

There is no doubt that working as a real estate agent can be an incredibly rewarding profession.  Not only do you get to help people as they work towards achieving their property ownership dreams, you could also find yourself surrounded by a set of driven colleagues who create an exciting workplace environment. 

Like every job and industry, a career in real estate won’t suit everyone’s personality.  If you are interested in pursuing the real estate profession, but you’re not quite sure if you’re the type of person for the job, the following questions may help to give you some clarification. 

Are you a people person?
Do you like to be out and about, talking to people, learning about their aspirations, and helping them to achieve these?  If so, real estate could be for you.  

Real estate agents are typically out in the field for a large proportion of the week, whether it be meeting with prospective clients, conducting open homes, negotiating offers, or helping to prepare properties for sale.  This involves interacting with a variety of different people and assisting them with one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives – the buying or selling of a property. 

Are you driven by results?
Real estate is a performance based business, which means while creating activity is important, those who agents who deliver the best sales results will be the ones who build lasting client relationships and achieve the most success. 

Are you happy to learn?
For real estate agents, there is no limit to the self-improvements that can be made or skills that can be learned and mastered, particularly with rapidly evolving technologies.  If you are interested and willing to be in a position to constantly enhance your talents, then real estate could be a good choice for you. 

Are you interested in building a business?
While many people start out as a real estate agent working for a principal in an individual office or under the banner of a major brand, there is significant potential for real estate agents to eventually establish and build up their own profitable businesses, often resulting in substantial success. 

Choosing a career path is obviously a very personal decision and one which requires deliberation.  However if you have answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, then pursuing a role as a real estate agent may just be the move for you.  If you do want to move forward, a good way to get started is to ask questions of other real estate agents about their experiences and to conduct some research into the appropriate qualifications and education necessary for the role. 

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