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As a real estate agent, the image that you present to your clients, future clients (potentially anybody) and your local community is crucial to your professional success.  In most cases, people are entrusting you with the responsibility of selling their most valued asset – their home.  The most successful real estate agents are often those who people feel they like and can trust.  Your professional image should position you as such an agent. 

The way you dress can have a significant impact on the way people perceive you.  This doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on designer clothing; rather the clothes you wear should be appropriate, suit you and fit properly. 

Little touches can be easy ways to sharpen your look without stepping completely out of your comfort zone.  A handkerchief in your jacket pocket or a nice piece of jewellery could show the outside world that you pay attention to detail with your own personal appearance, as you will do so when selling their home. 

The internet presents an interesting challenge to real estate agents, because clients may be just as likely to form an impression about you from both your physical presence and your online persona.  If you are not careful, personal online communication such as that on emails, Facebook, Twitter and a personal blog, can also be accessed by people outside of the group for whom you had intended.    The best guide to follow is that if you wouldn’t want your boss or a client to see it, then it is probably safer not to write (or upload) it at all.

An agent’s standing in the local community can often lead to business opportunities.  By taking the time to join a local business or volunteer group, you may find that your standing in the community improves and you are able to expand your business and personal network considerably. 

Real estate agents who work for themselves are faced with few more things to consider when it comes to maintaining a professional image, such as your working environment and marketing collateral.  If working from home, avoid conducting meetings in your home environment where possible.  Choose somewhere neutral, such as a restaurant or hotel lobby, or even take the time to visit the client at their own home. 

When it comes to printing the necessary marketing materials, try to use a professional printing service where your budget allows you to, as well as good quality paper.  Remember that when you can’t be with a client in person, your marketing collateral is your representation. 

It is important to keep in mind the number of real estate agents who exist in the marketplace.  Your aim in maintaining a professional image is often to set yourself apart from your competition.  But remember that no matter how well you dress, the quality of your work will probably always speak the loudest.  A combination of hard work and a sense of professionalism should help to increase the chances of your success.

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