Key reasons to clean your workspace

Most of us will have seen the image of a work desk overflowing with paperwork, rubbish and stationary. For some people, a cluttered desk evokes feelings of stress and disorganisation; for others, it doesn’t make an obvious psychological difference. However, regardless of whether you’re a neat-freak or an office hoarder, there are plenty of good reasons to keep your workspace clean and tidy. Here are a few of them:


Have you ever frantically searched for a file on a tight deadline and not been able to locate it in mounds of paperwork? Have you been late to client meetings because you’ve thrown out contact or address details that you mistook for “rubbish”? If your answer to either of these questions is “yes”, you’ve probably been the victim of your own mess at one point or another. 

Desk clutter can make it difficult to locate files and information quickly – if at all. Furthermore, visible piles of paper and the like can work to distract you from key tasks and priorities. If you want to give yourself the best chance of maximising your workplace efficiency, a clean desk is certainly a good place to start. 

Mental clarity

Tied to the issue of efficiency (or lack thereof) is stress and mental clarity. Generally, if you are disorganised and inefficient, your stress levels increase, your concentration levels suffer and your productivity levels drop. 

As a little experiment, pick a task that you commonly complete at work – one that takes approximately one hour. Firstly, attempt to complete the task with files and paperwork scattered across your desk. Write down how long the task took to complete and keep a copy of your output. Then, the next time you are about to complete the task, clean your desk so it’s spic-and-span. Again, complete the task and record your output as well as the timeline for completion. 

Compare your results and see if there is a difference in the quality and speed of your output. You might be surprised at how the cleanliness of a workspace affects your ability to think clearly and quickly.

The perceptions of others

There is little denying that appearances matter in the workplace. Several studies have shown that the appearance of a person’s workspace impacts on how they are perceived by their managers and co-workers – the cleaner their desk is, the more organised and professional they appear to be.

Cleanliness is even more important when clients come into your workspace. If clients see mess and clutter everywhere, it is hardly going to instil a great deal of confidence in your abilities to manage their property affairs. 

By keeping a clean and tidy office, you will likely increase your efficiency, productivity, organisation and reputation within the workplace – boosting your ability to list and sell more real estate. 

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