Key strategies to improve your professional sales skills

As a CENTURY 21 real estate agent your sales success will often be dependent on two important factors - the economy and the flexibility of your sales strategy.  If you are able to learn how to adapt your professional sales skills to any market environment, you should be able to position yourself to successfully sell real estate no matter how the turbulent the economy may be.  Learning how to master such skills will likely help you to reach your own personal career goals as a real estate agent.

There are several essential skills that can help real estate agents reach their full sales potential. 

Developing relationships
It is important to establish and maintain a relationship with buyers and sellers.  Prepare yourself by listening to their needs, and ensure your presentation and pitch is catered to their personal situation.  Your accommodating approach should help to build respect and a good working relationship. 

Planning the sale
To keep the sale moving forward, create a list of small steps that must be achieved between yourself and the vendor, assigning deadlines to each task.  Ensure your vendor is happy with the strategy and inform them as each step is accomplished.    

Ask productive questions
It is not uncommon for agents to ask the wrong questions – which are usually the easiest ones to ask.  While the hard questions, such as “What will you do if the market doesn’t pay $X for your property?” can prove difficult to ask, not voicing them may lead to conflict down the line.  Questions are also essential for building client relationships and developing a comprehensive understanding of their preferences.  Open-ended questions are usually the best and will help you to obtain information on which to build your sales strategy. 
Presentation skills
In understanding your client you should be able to gain perspective into how best to present to them and on which medium.  For example, while older vendors may appreciate a paper based pitch, those in Gen Y could respond more effectively to digital forms such as tablets or laptops.  

Securing a signature
Where many sales people unfortunately fall down is in their inability to request commitment from a potential client.  Keep a commitment objective (something you want your prospective client to agree to) front of mind and do not fear asking for it – this will bring you closer to obtaining business or making a sale. 

The continuous development of sales skills is essential for achieving ongoing success as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent.  Being able to develop strong relationships and understanding and responding to the varying needs of your clients can help you to succeed in all real estate markets.

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