Keyboard shortcuts for maximising efficiency - part two

A few weeks ago, we touched on some quick and easy Windows keyboard shortcuts with an aim to help you maximise your computer efficiency at work. We only managed to cover a few keyboard shortcuts in that particular blog and, as such, have decided to focus this week’s entry on some additional, but equally useful, shortcuts. Again, we will be focusing on the ‘Shift’, ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Alt’ keys: 

1. SHIFT: simultaneously holding down ‘Shift’ and ‘F3’ will automatically capitalise the first letter of any word within a highlighted section of text. Pressing ‘F3’ a second time will de-capitalise the selected text. 

‘Shift’’ will also highlight text when held down in conjunction with any one of the keyboard’s directional arrows; 

2. CTRL: the ‘Ctrl’ key can be used to simplify a number of features. For instance, holding down ‘Ctrl’ while momentarily pushing ‘O’, ‘N’ or ‘P’ will work to launch the ‘open dialogue’ box, create a new document or print an active document, respectively. 

The ‘Ctrl’ key also offers a number of formatting shortcuts. Simultaneously holding down ‘Ctrl’ and ‘L’, ‘R’, ‘J’ or ‘E’ will result in left-hand alignment, right-hand alignment, centre alignment or justification of a document’s text, respectively;  

3. ALT: the ‘Alt’ key can simplify many computer’s tasks, especially when working within Microsoft Office. For example, in order to choose the ‘Save As’ option, users typically select the menu, the ‘Save As’ option and then choose the file type. Pressing ‘Alt’, ‘F’ and ‘A’ (in succession) will automatically launch the document’s ‘Save As’ dialogue. 

Simply pressing ‘Alt’ will open a world of shortcut possibilities across various Microsoft platforms. After pressing ‘Alt’ In Word, small letters will appear on your task bar. Each letter corresponds with a different function, and by pressing one of these letters on your keyboard, the corresponding function will launch. For example, pressing ‘Alt’, ‘F’ and ‘P’ in succession will launch the document’s ‘print’ dialogue. 

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