Managing procrastination at work

Each new work day has the potential to bring a fresh set of distractions. It is when these distractions take hold and begin to hamper productivity that procrastination can become a real problem. While procrastination can be difficult to recognise and sometimes even harder to fight, there are a few simple tips that can help to stay focused on the task at hand.

What follows is a three-step plan for fighting procrastination: 

1. Recognition: in order to fight procrastination habits effectively, it is important to first identify how these habits are affecting your work. To this end, a great starting point is to examine the way in which you compile your to-do list. Aim to make sure that you aren’t prioritising less important tasks over those with tight deadlines and give yourself specific timelines for completing each individual task; 

2. Understanding: the next step is to examine the root of the problem; ask yourself why you are putting off completing certain tasks. Your procrastination habits could be stemming from a factor relating to you personally or the job itself. Aim to discern whether it is an unpleasant element of the task or perhaps an issue of poor time management; the answer to your question will inform your subsequent response.

 3. Adopting: by recognising and developing an understanding of how and why you procrastinate, it can become easier to implement anti-procrastination measures. For example, poor organisation can potentially be improved by employing a more rigorous scheduling method. Aim to take responsibility for your deadlines and hold yourself accountable if you fail to meet them. Conversely, reward yourself when you do successfully meet deadlines and targets. 

Disorganisation is often at the core of procrastination and can lead to inefficiency and added pressure at work. By recognising your procrastination habits, identifying the source of the problem, and then implementing measures to control these habits, you can place yourself in a better position to maximise your focus and productivity at work.

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