Managing your social media presence: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is commonly thought to be a tool for gaining career momentum or searching for new employment. While these perceptions are more or less correct, LinkedIn can also be a valuable tool for client prospecting. With that said, here are five tips for creating a stronger prospecting presence on LinkedIn. 

1. Consider your profile picture: if you’re still using the same photo as when you joined LinkedIn four years ago – it’s probably time for an update. The picture you upload should not only be up-to-date, it should also project you in a professional way – not a personal one. Whilst a picture of you playing with your dog in a park may get plenty of likes on Facebook, this image would arguably be inappropriate in a professional networking context and, as such, it could potentially hinder rather than help your online prospecting potential;

2. Avoid sending out mass requests for recommendations: sending out requests for recommendations to all of your contacts may be tempting, but it is often unproductive. Personalising requests may take a little longer, however, you’ll be more likely to get relevant responses and less likely to frustrate your contacts; 

3. Keep it personal: only accept friend requests from, or make friend requests to, people you know – or have a good reason to connect with. Sending out phantom requests in order to boost your number of connections could potentially work to alienate the receiver rather than creating a new connection;

4. Contextualise your invitations: though you may have just met the person you’re sending an invitation to, it’s best to write a small note indicating how and when you met the person. Doing so will serve as a reminder of how you met and why you should be connecting;

5. Don’t blindly send out sales pitches: connecting with someone purely to send them a sales pitch may be perceived as tactless, aggressive and/or rude. Take a little time to build your relationships online first and your prospects may be more receptive to a face-to-face meetings or phone calls later down the track. 

Connecting with prospects on LinkedIn can be an effective strategy for boosting your client base – however, if used incorrectly, it may frustrate clients and alienate connections.  Consider the above tips and see if you can make your LinkedIn profile a springboard for new business. 

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