Maximise your efficiency by being organised

In today’s increasingly busy world, never before has it been as important to be organised.  This is particularly true for real estate agents as urgent tasks and meetings can arise quickly.  By being organised you should have more time on your side and a better ability to accommodate such immediate needs, without compromising your other responsibilities.  In addition, improving your organisational skills at work and home can lead to increased levels of efficiency, more time for personal growth, and reduced stress. 

There are a number of simple ways for real estate agents to be more organised. 

• Plan ahead.  Look at your week (and the weeks of any family members) on the weekend prior (or at a time that works for you) and map out what tasks needs to be achieved, identifying the time and effort that is required per activity.  This preparation should help you to ensure that all necessary tasks are completed before they are due, in a stress free manner. 

• Start early. If possible, make an effort to arrive at work early to allow yourself time to clear your desk space and emails and identify the day’s priorities when the office is at its most quiet.  This is usually the optimal time to get work done as there little to no distractions.   

• Maintain a to-do list.  As has been touched on in this blog before, keeping an up-to-date, prioritised task list can help you to make sure all necessary jobs are identified and completed on time. 

There are many benefits that may arise for those real estate agents who make a conscious effort to remain organised.  These can include:

• More time for development.  Real estate agents who can maximise their efficiency by being more organised generally find they have more time for business and personal development; examples can include contacting prospective leads, or physical exercise.  

• Reduced stress levels.  Real estate agents who can ensure work is completed on time avoiding a last minute rush to make a deadline, will be in a better position to avoid increased, unnecessary stress. 

• Improved reputation.  Organised real estate agents who can be relied upon to complete tasks on time will generally appear to be professional and proficient to both peers, management and clients. 

Ultimately, being organised is not too difficult to achieve if you have the right systems in place.  Finding a few extra minutes over the course of a week to organise yourself can be very beneficial to real estate agents, in both a professional and personal capacity. 

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