Mobile work practices

For almost all real estate agents there is a need to be mobile; open houses, client meetings and prospecting all require a considerable amount of time away from the office and, as such, it is important to have effective mobile work strategies in place. To this end, here are three mobile work strategies aimed at helping agents stay on top of work when out of the office.

1) Smartphone: the smartphone is arguably one of the most vital tools for on-the-go agents. Technological advances have allowed data to be shared between multiple devices, wirelessly, so that information can be accessed whenever and wherever. If you haven’t already invested in a smartphone, it would be wise to consider doing so.

2) Use your voicemail effectively: if you’re relying heavily on a smartphone for work, it is important to recognise that your voicemail greeting can be tailored to your mobile work strategies. Remember, your phone’s default message doesn’t include your name or the name of your company. Without proper identification, a prospect might be less inclined to leave a message and, as a result, you may miss out on a listing; 

3) Do you have email access? Smartphones and tablets have the capacity to receive emails and are a great way to stay on top of office requests whilst remaining mobile. However, it is important to have contingency measures in place for instances where smartphones or tablets fail. There are a number of remote access websites and portals available on the internet which enable you to access your desktop from wherever you are; look into these services and you might thank yourself later down the track.


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