Monetising time spent at meetings

While many of us complain about meetings and the time they take out of our diaries, unfortunately the reality is that your career as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent requires almost daily meetings with clients, potential clients and subcontractors.

According to the Meeting Resource Centre most professionals attend 61.8 meetings per month, where 50% of these meetings are considered a waste of time.  91% of people in the study admitted to daydreaming, 96% have missed meetings, 73% said they bring other work to meetings and 39% have said they have dozed during meetings.   

It is time to reflect upon your own actions during your client or office meetings.  If you want to make the most of your meetings and monetise the time spent in them, perhaps take a step back and look at your own inefficiencies both during and after meetings. 

As an agent, your success is driven by the amount of listings and clientele that you have. The more emphasis you put on meeting with new people, the higher your chances of finding or selling their dream home or leasing a property.  To turn these potential client meetings into listings on your books, you should spend some time considering how to prioritise your workload around this time spent out of the office.

As a real estate agent, you should promptly follow up any internet or verbal inquires.  The immediacy of contacting a potential client with a phone call to arrange a time to meet is important.  Having a face to face channel of communication builds an instant relationship between yourself and your client.

While stepping out of the office is a constant requirement of yours, it is important that you learn to prioritise and manage your in-house work commitments.  Monetising time spent in meetings comes down to your time management and efficiency.

To help monetise your time spent out of the office, it is worthwhile to do your homework on a property prior to meeting with your interested client.  Meetings often become unproductive when information regarding a property is left out of the conversation or if the facts are muddled up.  If your schedule allows it push to meet as regularly as possible with your clients and be direct and collaborative with them. 

In the end, being a real estate agent is very much about the relationships you build with clients.  Having regular client meetings which are diligently followed up, while simultaneously managing your in-house workload efficiently, should help you on your path to success.

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