Networking for real estate success

There is no doubt that the way we as a society communicate and network has changed and will continue to change.  With the establishment of social media giants such as Facebook and LinkedIn, much of the way we network for both social and business purposes has been transferred online, with many people now discounting the importance of personal contact. 

Being a CENTURY 21 real estate agent and part of a worldwide network of skilled professionals, it is worthwhile taking a moment to recognise the value to your career that can be created by using both forms of networking.  You can definitely improve the success of your personal networking by combining social media and the art of one-on-one communication.   

Traditionally if you wanted to network with prospective clients or persons of influence in business you could take them out for lunch or drinks, or attend community networking events.  Despite the rising popularity of virtual networking, this face-to-face contact was and still remains one of the best ways to establish and build successful personal and professional relationships. 

There is no denying that web-based networking tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn are an essential aspect of the way networking will exist in the future.  The arrival of both sites has had a remarkable impact on individuals and businesses globally, as people are easily able to make themselves visible to others who may be interested or working in the same areas.  A conversation can be started as simply as clicking on a button.   

Viral networking has definitely changed the way businesses and people act.  It has shrunk the globe and made e-communication easy, convenient and live, allowing the formation of successful international relationships.  For all the positives however, online networking seems to have given people in all industries, including real estate, an excuse to reduce the amount of time they spend meeting people in face-to-face situations.  

Real estate is inherently a people’s business.  There is no doubt that while clients may appreciate the convenience of communicating and receiving information online, you will be able to build a more solid relationship with them when you see them face-to-face.  

It is therefore important to stay ahead of the game with your real estate networking and not lose sight of the importance of face-to-face contact.  Appreciate online methods for the convenience and timeliness they provide, and combine them with more traditional forms of personal networking to ensure you build successful relationships that last over the long-term. 

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